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    Rules and Regulations for Admission
    Aims and Objectives
    The primary purpose of the school is to train out children in self-discipline and to promote a high standard of Education. Our aim is to impart the best education with at most care, love and understanding with a view to install into the young minds early enough moral and ethical values, strength of character, discipline and national outlook and a human relationship and help each other to develop a healthier and broader out look of life.
    • Admission is open to all without any discretion of caste or creed.
    • Pupils newly admitted must be introduced by the parents or guardians who will be responsible for their regularity and fee remittance.
    • On admission the entrance fee, special fee, tuition fee and other fees specified from time to time should be paid. The fee once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
    General Norms
    Regularity in attendance and in doing home work, and punctuality in all common exercises are the basic requirements on the part of the pupils.
    Moral Instruction is given due importance
    Children should be in all curricular and co-curricular activities of the school. They should be honest, truthful, and courteous towards all members of the staff, and generous towards pupils. Any act that affects the discipline of the school will be viewed seriously.
    Simplicity and Modesty
    Children are not expected to wear costly ornaments in the class. Simplicity and modesty are highly recommended in dress and other articles used by children.

    They should look after their belongings - books, umbrella, rain coat, Tiffin carriers etc. These should be marked with his/her name. The school does not hold itself responsible if books and other articles of the children are lost. It is not advisable to have money or any valuable things with them.

    The timing of the school is from 9.30a.m to 3.3. P.M The first bell for morning assembly is at 9.15 A.M It is compulsory that everyone must attend the assembly. Latecomers will be punished.
    Principal's sanction is required
    • To leave the school premises during working hours.
    • For any parent or visitor to meet a pupil or teacher during the working hours.
    • To admit student to class who comes late.
    Admission - Promotions
    Admission to any standard to higher standards etc will be carried out in accordance with the provision in the C.B.S.E rules and regulations.

    The progress of the pupil is assessed by means of unit tests and terminal examinations. The unit tests are conducted one month before the terminal examination and the marks will be announced to the students. Parents must take a very careful study of the reports and must do the needful to improve their performance. The reports should be signed and returned to the class teacher with in three days.
    School Regulations
    • Student should arrive at the school at least 5 minute before the assembly. Habitual late comers may be sent back home.
    • Students should not leave the school campus during the class hours without the permission to the principal/vice principal.
    • Students should wear the neat and clean uniform, if not the child will be sent back home.
    • Students are advised not to bring valuable articles to school. The school is not responsible for goods lost.
    • Student must speak in English in the school campus and in the school bus.
    • The management reserves the right to dismiss any student whose conduct is against the rules and regulations of the school.
    • It is compulsory that all parents have to meet the teachers to discuss the progress of their wards between 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm and on all 2nd Saturdays of every month.
    • First and third Saturday of every month will be a working day for all students from class 5 onwards.
    • Any student caught using unfair means during an examination is liable to be detained for the year.
    • Students shall be courteous, friendly and co-operative with one another in and out of school.
    • Girls should not wear any ornaments except ear studs.
    • Boys should not grow their hair long and have to trim it periodically.
    • Parents of the weak children will be called to school by the principal.
    • Children are expected to respect all their superiors and teachers of the school.
    • Text books and notebooks of the children must be covered with brown papers, duly labeled and kept neatly till the end of the year.
    • Parents must take interest in their children studies at home. For any clarification they can contact their teachers.
    • Children should wear only uniform on their birthdays